Configure Windows PowerShell to display Current Working Directory Name

Open Powershell and Check your powershell profile path $profile Create a File if it does not exist mkdir C:\Users\anthoniraj\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\ Create a Profile File notepad C:\Users\anthoniraj\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1 Add the following script and save the content function prompt { $p = Split-Path -leaf -path ( Get-Location ) " $p > " } Restart PowerShell. Now you will see only current working directory in console.

Creating a Java Project using Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is the simple and lightweight editor that can be customized for any programming language. Microsoft provides a powerful VS Code plugin for Java Development. You need a stable JDK for developing Java Project. Java Development Kit (JDK): Bell Soft OpenJDK version 17 Editor: VS Code Install Bell Soft OpenJDK Download and install OpenJDK from the official website (64-Bit Full JDK) After installing the JDK, Go to Command window and check the java version, java -version Setting up the VS Code Editor Download Link: After installing VS Code, Navigate extension icon and search by typing the keyword java Install Extension Pack for Java plugin from Microsoft Create a Java Project Press Ctrl+Shift+P -> Search java in popup then choose Java: Create Java Project option Select No Build Tools Now Choose the works

Redmine Installation with Code Review Plugin in Ubuntu 20.04

Redmine is the popular open source project management system with code review feature. We can tarck the time spent by developers for a particular project. GIT and SVN can also be linked with redmine for code review. It is complete package for managing projects in a small team size. Redmine URL Redmine is a project management web application. Installing dependencies sudo apt- get update && sudo apt- get upgrade -y Install required packages sudo apt install -y apache2 ruby ruby-dev build -essential libapache2- mod -passenger libmysqlclient-dev sudo apt- get install mysql- server ` Download & Extract Redmine wget http s: // 5.0 . 1 .tar.gz` cd / opt sudo tar -xvzf ~/redmine- 5.0 . 1 .tar.gz sudo cp -r redmine / opt / Symlink to remove version reference sudo ln -s redmine-5 .0 .1 redmine Configure database Create a database a

Python Requests Library: Handling Exception for REST API Calls

Python requests is a powerful library for consuming REST API methods. There are chances for throwing errors when calling these services. This error can be handled by using base Exception class import requests url = "" try : re = requests. get (url, timeout= 5 ) if re.ok: print (re. text ) else : print ( "Service Unavailable!" ) except Exception: print ( "Connection Error" ) This script will handle the connection timed out error and maximum retry error. Gist URL:

Setting up the React Native Expo Development Environment

Operating System : Windows 11 Processor: AMD Install NodeJS Download and install the latest LTS (Long Term Support) version of NodeJS from official website Download NodeJS After installing NodeJS, Check the following commands in Command Window node --version npm --version Now, Install Expo Command Line Interface (CLI) using npm, npm install expo-cli --global Check the version after successful installation expo --version Create a new App using expo Go to your workspace folder run expo init app_name app_name can be your favorite name of the app Open the App using VS Code Go to the App Folder cd app_name Open it with code code . Run the Demo App You should be able to use Expo App using VSCode. There is an App.js main script in the root folder Just open and explore the React Script Run the app in VSCode Terminal using expo start command Check the App Output You can simply open the app in browser to check the output. You can also install Expo Mobil

Resolved: Connecting MongoDB URI with Password having Special Characters

MongoDB provides drivers for connecting databases with various programming languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, and C#. As per official documentation, there is a standard URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) for creating connection through programming. The syntax is, mongodb://username:password@host:port/defaultauthdb If the password has special characters like : / ? # [ ] @ then there will be a problem with the above URL syntax for making connection. To resolve this, Percentage-encoding mechanism can be used in URI, A percent-encoded octet is encoded as a character triplet, consisting of the percent character "%" followed by the two hexadecimal digits representing that octet's numeric value - Wikipedia. Percentage-encoding for / ? # [ ] @ / - %2F ? - %3F # - %23 [ - %5B ] - %5D @ - %40 Sample Passwords Secure@pass567 can be written as Secure%40pass567 URI: mongodb://tom:Secure%40pass567@localhost:27017/demodbname Secre#tig] can be written as Secr

Microsoft Edge Copy and Paste Issue with Ctrl + C Keyboard Shortcut

There is a problem with copying website text content by using the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut in the recent version of Microsoft Edge Browser. The same functionality will work if you right-click using the mouse and select the copy option. This is really annoying for Developers and Web users who frequently uses keyboard shortcuts. There is a workaround for this problem to enable copy using Ctrl+C. Workaround: Edge Settings. Open Microsoft Edge Click on the three dots (…) from the right top corner. Select Settings from the drop-down and click on " Appearance " from the left pane. Disable " Show mini menu when selecting text " from the right pane.